Friday, 8 January 2010

Graham Chapman was born today in 1941

.Happy 69th Birthday Graham!

One of my biggest regrets is that I never met you before you exited, stage left, in 1989. Sending you birthday wishes via this blog post is a shoddy substitute but it's the best I can do under the circumstances. So I wanted to tell you my personal, top 10 favourite Graham Chapman moments (in no particular order because you are equally brilliant in all of them):
  1. There's nowt wrong with gala lunches. lad!
  2. Don't I say anymore? No fear!
  3. King Arthur: "A duck"
  4. UFO moment: You lucky bastard!
  5. The Reverend Arthur Belling, vicar of St. Looney up the Cream Bun and Jam
  6. Do you want peanut butter or sandwich spread for your tea?
  7. Fred, I think we've got an eater
  8. The executive version of this record
  9. I don't know what to do when you do that
  10. Llamas are larger than frogs
Thanks for over 40 years of so much laughter Graham. Really miss you but hope you are happy wherever you are.

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