Sunday, 13 June 2010

Are you the biggest Monty Python fan of your country?

Two Gumbies
(image: Rightee)

By 'biggest', I''m not referring to your physical size. 'biggest' here simply means 'most dedicated, devoted or fanatical' (but let's not get too weird about it).

I'm compiling the definitive list of the biggest Monty Python fans around the world, by country. I want to show (and get to know) that band of people who are totally obsessed with Python and whose lives have basically been taken over by it (like mine!). A global family of Monty Python devotees.

If you think you deserve to be included in the list, drop me a line at with "Biggest Monty Python Fan" as the subject line, telling me why you think you qualify. Include photos, links to videos, sites, blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages or anything else you want to send over - plus, of course, whichever country you'd like to represent (country of birth or where you live - that's up to you, whatever you feel is right). I'll then add your story to The Biggest Monty Python Fans in the World.

Here's a made up example of the sort of thing I'm after:

"Was in the audience of one of the original TV shows, aged 18, and have been a fan ever since. Got John Cleese's autograph at the premiere of Life of Brian and have the complete collection of all the Python TV shows, movies, books and albums."


  1. ...I grew up in the 70z, when Monty Python was in their heyday, so I grew up with these guys! My "sense of humour" definitely leans towards Monty Python!